Earn up to a guaranteed 500 dollars for signing up.

Postmates offers an interesting and flexible delivery job. In some areas this job can be fast and furious were I was able to rack up deliverys fairly rapidly. Postmates boasts that it is possible to make up to 25 dollars per hour. I found this to occasionally be true, this would depend on when and where you drive.

IMPORTANT pre sign up information!
  • You will have 30 days to complete the required 60 deliveries
  • Pass a background check.
  • A standard checking account for payments.
  • Have a means of transportation
    - which in some areas does not need to be a car.
  • Have a valid address.
  • Some sign up codes may provide a smaller bonus
  • To maximize your bonus utilize the code:

You should sign up ONLY when you are ready to provide all the required information, documents and the deliveries. Failing to do so may potentially cause you to miss out on 100's of dollars in guaranteed pay. Below I have listed the things you will need along with tips about the requirements. Please, review what you will need BEFORE you sign up so you give yourself the best chance to achieve the guaranteed pay!

Delivering for Postmates.
  • As long as you follow the process correctly, you basically work for yourself.
  • Regular bonuses and delivery blitz multipliers.
  • You decide your hours.
  • Easily maintain Postmates as a second job even a second driving job.
  • Take a vacation anytime you want.
  • Declare expenses on your taxes including miles.
    - Be sure to maintain record keeping and a milage log.
What you will need.

Complete 60 deliveries.
After signing up you will have 30 days to complete 60 deliveries and maintain a 4.5 rating or higher. Honestly this is fairly easy, but you will need to spend the time driving. If you find the busy areas and times, you can rapidly accumulate deliveries. Think about where heat spots show up on the app and then where the restaurants are within that area. You should check you the order before you leave the restaurant as that can reduce ratings if they get it wrong.
An app capable SmartPhone.
You will need iPhone or Android SmartPhone that you can take with you while making deliveries. The phone must be able to install the Postmates Fleet app. You can go to the app store and install it first to make sure your phone qualifies. Also, I recommend you get a car holder that can hold the phone in a visible position for you to process deliveries as well as watch the GPS enabled routing app such as Google Maps or Waze. Waze is a bit better than google maps and I recommend you install Waze before beginning.
Fuel and expenses.
If you drive alot you may fill up as much as three times a week, so sign up for gas discount programs. A hybrid car is really benificial here, but an all electric vehicle can limit you to your ability to charge the batteries. You may want to download an app like Gas Buddy to help you look for the best prices in fuel. The great thing is all these expenses can be deducted at tax time, be sure to keep good records as well as a daily mileage log. The log is important if you use the car for personal purposes as well. Expenses can be deducted if they were incured with the purpose of work.
A good picture of you, the driver.
It must be a clear photo of your face.
You will need to pass a background check.
Postmates will provide free backround check that you must pass.
You will need wait for the Postmates card and welcome kit.
Postmates provides a credit card that you will use to pay for orders. You will be sent this in your welcome kit.
You will need a standard valid checking account.
Postmates requires a standard checking account in good standings. It must allow deposit and withdrawl. The account must be in your name. It must be a checking account. For further details: Postmates Payout Method