Earn up to 5,000 dollars as a bonus
Even rent a very low cost car if you need a car.

Lyft often offers a generous sign up bonus to new drivers ONLY when you utilize specific promo codes. The actual bonus size that you will be offered depends on your area and the current state of it's market. Before you run off an sign up for Lyft there are some important things you need to know.

IMPORTANT pre sign up information!
  • You must be 21 years of age.
  • You have ONLY 30 days after you sign up to...
    1. Complete you sign up requirements
    2. Upload sign up forms
    3. Provide the rides that net the bonus
  • The bonus varies depending on your area.
  • Some sign up codes may provide a smaller bonus
  • To maximize your bonus utilize the code:

You should sign up ONLY when you are ready to provide all the required information, documents and the rides. Failing to do so may potentially cause you to miss out on 100's of dollars in bonus pay. Below I have listed the things you will need along with tips about the requirements. Please, review what you will need BEFORE you sign up so you give yourself the best chance to achieve the bonus pay!

Driving For Lyft.
  • As long as you follow the process correctly, you basically work for yourself.
  • Weekly ride quantity bonuses EVERY week.
  • You decide your hours.
  • Easily maintain Lyft as a second job.
  • Take a vacation anytime you want.
  • Declare expenses on your taxes including miles.
    - Be sure to maintain record keeping and a milage log.
What you will need.

An app capable SmartPhone.
You will need iPhone or Android SmartPhone that you can take with you while providing rides. The phone must be able to install the Lyft Driver app. You can go to the app store and install it first to make sure your phone qualifies. Also, I recommend you get a car holder that can hold the phone in a visible position for you to process rides as well as watch the GPS enabled routing app such as Google Maps or Waze. Waze is a bit better than google maps and I recommend you install Waze before beginning.
Fuel and expenses.
If you drive alot you may fill up as much as three times a week, so sign up for gas discount programs. Lyft even offers an extra discount when you sign up via the Shell gold member program. A hybrid car is really benificial here, but an all electric vehicle can limit you to your ability to charge the batteries. You may want to download an app like Gas Buddy to help you look for the best prices in fuel. The great thing is all these expenses can be deducted at tax time, be sure to keep good records as well as a daily mileage log. The log is important if you use the car for personal purposes as well. Expenses can be deducted if they were incured with the purpose of work.
An image of your drivers license.
The license must be a vaild in the state you will be registered to drive. You can utilize a snapshot from your smartphone.
A good picture of you, the driver.
It must be a clear photo of your face.
You will need to pass a DMV and background check.
Lyft will provide free DMV and backround checks that you must pass.
You can sign up for a Lyft approved rental car.
An awesome benefit of rental is that you don't put miles on your own car.
If you don't have a car you can rent a Lyft approved rental via Lyft. The beauty of the rental program is that if you drive full time you practially get the car for free (you will still pay some taxes) provided you give enough rides every week. Negatives are that weekly bonuses would be rental car credits instead of cash, the instant payout is disabled and you cannot declare your car miles on your taxes. Another benefit is that the rental car will have unlimited miles allowing you to drive it for personal reasons.

Qualifications are typically the same as if you were renting a car from a rental car agency. For this option, I recommend you check with your local Hertz rental agency and verify you qualify as well as prepair yourself.

You may also sign up and rent a car from This has a weekly rental charge, and I recommend you select a car with good gas milage to save a little at the pump. With Hyrecar you can obtain weekly Lyft bonuses, drive for other services and utilize the instant payout feature. Should this be your option of choice, I recommend you sign up for this first and verify you are authorized to rent from them BEFORE you sign up for Lyft. Also, Hyrecar rents cars for other driving services, make sure you verify that the car you select will provide a Lyft inspection or you will need to have it inspected yourself before you can drive it for Lyft. Hyrecar, however, will provide you with everything you need to register the car to drive for Lyft as soon as you process the rental request.
Your personal car must qualify.
If you will not be renting you need to verify that your personal car qualifies for Lyft. Minimally it must allow for 4 passengers plus you, the driver. The car must have four doors. Typically if the back seat can squeeze three people it will qualify. It must meet Lyfts age requirements for your state. The car must be undamaged and fully functional. For all these things, the car will need to pass the Lyft inspection. Details are available at : Lyft Car requirements
An image of your car registration.
The registration must be valid and registered to the car you will be driving.
An image of your auto insurance.
The insurance card must be valid and registered to you and the car you will be driving. Validity includes the state where you will be driving.